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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Of Late...

Sibling Rivalry. The children of Civil Rights icon, Martin Luther King, Jr. continue court battle over their mother, Coretta Scott King's personal papers. We understand that these kinds of disagreements and issues can come up in most any family. (I know siblings that have argued over $5000 insurance policies and a 1972 Duce and a Quarter. Not to mention that outside child that daddy never told us about.) So, before we judge let's also remember that business is business; (and in this case we're talking millions of dollars.)And like Berniece King said on the Frank Ski & Wanda Show, they may be Kings, but they're also human.

Here's an interesting article in The Root with legendary African writer
Wole Soyinka conducted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in which he offers his thoughts about "the power-sharing agreement in Zimbabwe, the Sudan, Mugabe and Barack Obama.

The New York Times pays tribute to American literary icon,Studs Terkel. "In his oral histories, which he called guerrilla journalism, Mr. Terkel relied on his enthusiastic but gentle interviewing style to elicit, in rich detail, the experiences and thoughts of his fellow citizens".