Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walking into The Light

I see it. It's getting closer and closer. It's the light that's been at the end of a very long, non-traditional tunnel. A little dramatic? Maybe. But, if like me, you are a forty-something student returning to school after many years, or finishing school after many years, you certainly understand my excitement. Now, if like me, regardless of age, you are trying to meet deadlines and filling out applications for graduate school, then you also understand my anquish; the nail biting days waiting to see whose going to accept you and who isn't. And, while my journey began with a simple desire to acquire a bachelors degree, my love for literature has compelled me to study further. So, I find myself waiting with bated breath, trying not to internalize when I have been rejected because of that nasty little standardized test. Nevertheless, I will continue to do what must be done, (even if it means taking that test again, for a third time), in order to achieve my goals.

In one of my favorite movies, The World According to Garp, there is a scene that I have memorized. Garp's wife teaches graduate school. Garp's young son asks him, "Dad, what is gradual school?" [He mispronouces it, you see.] Garp, lovingly holding his son's hand answers, "Well son, gradual school is where you go and gradually find out that you don't want to go to school anymore".

Maybe for some people, but I can't wait. I feel as though I am just beginning.


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