Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Wave of Feel Good

Don't you feel it? It's more than a moment. The world knows it. Can't you feel that we're living at a very special time in history? If you don't then you must not be living in the "now". I invite you to come from under your rock, because it is indeed the beginning of a new time, a new era. And regardless of what our personal issues are right now, we must be still and acknowledge that this is an awesome time to be alive. It is the Age of Obama.

Even more than the significance of a Black man coming to power in a country that could easily be conceived as the architect of racism, it feels like a collective confirmation of the humanity of us all. And while there are those who contend that President Obama is "bi-racial" or "mixed"; he is either a Black man by the very definition of those who determined from the beginning of this country what "Black" is, or we are all, every American, "mixed".

Witnessing President Obama's success, his self-possession and sureness, has conveyed a sense of the same in us all. It was there all along, we knew it. And now he is the collective validation of our individual faith. Moreover, the image of his strong black (and some white) family, reminds us of what has been important for us all along. His very public displays of affection for Michelle, Sasha and Malia endears us to him, and places the black family prominently in the forefront.

So in spite of labels, political, racial, or otherwise, and in spite of your fears, BE HERE NOW. This is a time to celebrate humanity, community and family. Use this historical momentum to propel your own goals and dreams. The energy is in the air, harness it in order to inspire your own ideas or motivate others. Let's ride this wave of "feel good" for as long as we can.

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At 11:28 AM , Anonymous Sandra L. Garth said...

I've been watching the train ride this morning and never expected the waves of emotion I felt. During the election there was a bit of hesitancy, I didn't want to get too excited too quickly. Now, it's all about Obama and it's all good. I've alternated between holding back the tears and letting them flow.

It feels like celebrating the success of a family member and I guess in the broad spectrum it is. The world is captivated by one brave, incredibly talented and visionary man right now. I am so excited for our nation and for our future.

At 1:00 PM , Blogger persistence said...

Yes! It does sort of feels like, "my cousin goin' to 'da white house, y'all!", doesn't it? I remember as a kid, everybody wanted to be some kin to The Jackson Five. Now, a whole new generation of kids will be saying, "Sasha and Malia are my third cousins, on the left-hand side of my mama's, brother's other daddy's auntie".

At 7:33 AM , Blogger CECSR said...

It does feel good. Even though I was more emotional witnessing the goal of 270 putting President Obama over the top on election night.

I let my 16 and 12 year old stay home with me on Inauguration Day to witness the moment. What a great day for us all!


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