Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Bold Writing Retreat!

I really enjoy reading about author Tayari Jone's adventures at writing retreats, but I often become envious knowing I don't have the time or leisure to go off to some fancy, schmancy mountaintop writer's colony to schmooze with those lucky enough to secure a spot at some prestigious hideaway for creative minds. Soooo, the first weekend in August, when my beloved is away for his niece's wedding, in the scenic suburbs of Jonesboro, Georgia, I am holding the first ever, (spoken slowly, with a deep voice, and an echo) Bold,Powerful, Magical Summer Weekend Writing Retreat! at my house...for uh...well, ME! Since I can't go to the mountain, I'm bringing the mountain to me. My retreat will include late night writing workshops (with Coltrane playing softly in the background) working on my own class assignments, no papers on Lady Mary Wroth, just my stuff. And as an added bonus to stimulate my creative juices, I am including a walk at the Chattahoochee National Park, a pedicure, and an outing to Doc Chey's Noodle House in Emory Village...

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