Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Look Ma', A Conference Just for Us!

It had to happen, right? That's right sistahs and brothas,now there is a conference that celebrates the growing number of African Americans using the web to publish our thoughts from politics to family photos. And why not? There's a convention for superheros, and Tupperware (I imagine). The Blogging While Brown Conference will be in Atlanta July 25-27th. (Oooo, right in my back yard, and summer school will be over!) The Electronic Village reports that there are currently 1,269 Afro-blogs, and lists them, (I'm uh...still looking for Boldness-Genius). Of the top ten black blogs it lists, the topics are politics and entertainment...(no literary or personal journals in the top ten). But that's okay, it's an international conference for people of color and they also have a uh, a blog! So, if you're Blogging While Brown you may want to come on down to Hotlanta; it looks like it could be fun. But you'd better hurry, registration ends July 14th!

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At 4:20 PM , Blogger Villager said...

I look forward to meeting you in person at the BWB conference later this month in Atlanta!

btw, your blog is now on the Black Blog Rankings. Your blog is BBR #1040...

At 7:16 PM , Blogger persistence said...

cool...thx, villager.


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