Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Philly Caribbean Festival

Vacations get short when you quit a job to go back to school. So you gotta make it intensly fun in a couple of days. So I and my beloved did just that at the Philladelphia Caribbean Festival last weekend in Fairmont Park. It was hot, the music was slammin', so I had to have a mango italian icy, right? Our hostess was fabulous, serving up all our Trinidad favorites like peas and rice, corn soup, roti, callaloo, bake and OMG! homemade, coconut ice cream and rum cake! I have to tell you, I did not think about Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton or Weight Watchers. Then, there was an all night (and, I mean I didn't go to bed until the sun came up, whew! Haven't done that in years), backyard party, where there was even more food. I'd never been to Philly but, I had a ball!


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