Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Life Overloaded? Try a Second!

Well, now that I've safely made it through the first half of an Early British summer with a midterm 'A', I can tell you about my latest partial obsession. I think it's even better than Spider Solitare as a being totally time consuming and an excellent object for procrastinating when I should be studying: it's Second Life! It's an online, three-D world where you create a personality, live, work and play....like in real life...but, it's sort of a cartoon...with some very real like avatars...or, people....anyway, it's a lot of fun.

For my second life, I've chosen to be a man...a black man. (Hey, why not?) And, I'm trying to see just how much second life money I can make on a free account. Second life money is called Linden dollars, after the company in San Francisco that developed it called Linden Research Lab, Inc. With Linden dollars you can buy and sell anything from yourself...yeah...to an island.

Not are there companies that are experimenting with Second Life to do virtual job interviews, but apparently some people are even finding religion in their second life.
For me, it's just a fun way to relax exercise my computer skills.

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