Friday, March 23, 2007

Adventures of a Non-Traditional Student: Oh the Places You Will Go

I’m at the point in my student career where, okay let’s face it: it’s time to make a couple of dollars. I was beginning to feel like I need to have some kind of steady cheddar (income), and besides that, my loan money is running out. I decided to try and get a job on campus. I could work it in-between classes; I gotta go on campus anyway, so I’d save on gas. And, I could study in-between. I tried for a student stipend-ed position, but didn’t get it. Then, I applied for a position in the Office of Student Affairs; that’ll look good on my grad school application. Well, that fell through also. So, I thought: Starbucks! I’ve worked at Starbucks before, and that was one of my favorite jobs. They’ve just opened one a mile from my house, I can work the hours around my schedule, and I am still in touch with the cool young lady who used to be my supervisor, who is now a district manager, and I could probably get in quickly.

Well, the day I delivered my application to Starbucks, AE, the very cosmopolitan young lady I attended AWP with, called and asked, “Are you still interested in my spot in the President’s Office?” I thought, Starbucks who? Any way, it turns out that AE, who currently works in the President’s Office, will be transferring to a bigger University next fall. I’d forgotten that she’d told me she’d refer me to her boss as a possible replacement. Well, she referred me, and I started training today! I was a little nervous because, well, it’s the President’s Office. In several semesters of being back in school, I’d never even looked in the President’s Office, let alone seek a job there. It doesn’t pay much, because it’s a student position. But, I’ll be greeting the school’s VPs, deans and whatnot throughout the week, helping to keep the President abreast of his meetings, sorting mail, and making coffee, etc. And, the best parts: I can study while I’m there, and man, that’s gonna look good on my grad school application.



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