Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How Funny Is This...

The day before Thanksgiving, I’m preparing for my Post Colonial Literature class…had to read from chapter ten through chapter thirty-two. Now, with only a day in between classes, I thought that was a lot to cram in a day, along with eight hours spent at my internship, my necessary sweet potato pies, traffic and what not. After navigating my way through the traditional holiday grandmammas shopping for the best collard greens, two stores completely out of butter, traffic and what not, I rushed home to try and finish a hundred of those pages only to dose off after a big bowl of vanilla ice cream. I realized, okay, I’m not going to be prepared for class, but maybe I can fake it. I gathered my book bag and headed to campus for my six o’clock class, and what did I find? An empty parking lot! Instead of two days for the holiday, it turns out we got three. In this case, I didn’t mind feeling a little simple. I generally thrive when it comes to deadlines, so in studying the syllabi for my classes, I am focused on lessons, what has to be read and what has to be written by what date; holidays and days off are incidental, because it usually just means an extra day to study and prepare for class. Maybe if I were twenty years younger, I’d be a little more excited about those off days…From now on, I will study the syllabi a little more closely.

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At 8:46 AM , Blogger BLUE said...

now wasn't this special?! glad you got some extra time. the stress of catching up/keeping up is a mutha.

At 2:15 PM , Blogger steadfastandpurposed said...

What I wouldn't do for an unexpected day off...nothing, b/c I am too tired :-)


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